Monday, July 30, 2018

Dangerous Catch!

Been seeing some huge battleships out on the ocean lately.  I checked online and seems like they will complete their exercises Aug. 2nd.  Helicopters, boats, security all in place.

My friend Kui wanted to fish with me so we headed out to see if we could find dinner.  Kui is a truck driver and once worked on the fishing boats like on the show Deadliest catch.  4 days no sleeping and working hard was his lifestyle!  So we flew out 40 miles and set my lines on the honey hole.  Let the new players take first string and in 40 minutes we were on!  As we pulled it in and got to leader, Kui gaffed the fish and the fish went crazy pulling him overboard!  The line wrapped around his leg/boots and he was upside down next to the fish.  His boots filled with water and he began to sink. I held on to the fish as he slowly made his way to the motors to get back up.  After what seemed like 10 minutes he got back up, exhausted and we lifted the fish into the boat.

Even with all his years of fishing this was a first.  Fishing is fun but can be very dangerous if you are not experienced.  After we took care of the fish and I had to fix my motor way out at sea, lucky for 2 motors and a good mechanic friend I called with poor reception I was able to fish again.  I turned back out and reset my lines and 15 minutes later BAM!  This time my 130 Shimano reel breaks down and won't crack.  Whaat! We end up hand lining the fish in and last 100 yards put the line in a bucket because the reel was full.  Kui was beat after no. 2 ahi so I pulled in my lures and headed in early!

Definitely an action packed day with some nice 20 plus Otarus in the mix.  Mahalos to my crew for another fun but dangerous day!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

We got the Meat!

Did some adjustments to my outriggers but had to be careful not to touch the high voltage wires above. Winds were still up and no surf in sight so no brainer call to go fishing.  Picked up my new Gaji lures and dressed them up for the kill.  Set the lures out at day break and picked up an ono first.  Got a few more strikes but lost um at the boat before...

We got this nice ahi on board.  Had to work in slowly but we managed to get it.

Mahalos to the hardworking Red Sea Crew for bringing home the bacon!  Lotsa meat, sashimi and poke for everyone!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Art Day!

Check out my nephews paintings!  Maika 13 years old black and white depiction of us about to hook up!  Got da feevah!

14 year old Kai with his artist rendition of a sunset ride.  We go early and come back late I guess.  Thanks boys for the cool artwork.  Now I'm getting excited to go fishing!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Outrigger Adjustments

Went for a quick 20 minute surf today, doctor check up to make sure pipes are clean and healthy, then adjust my outriggers.  Ahi's slamming the rigger this season making one side lopsided.  Gotta be careful not to touch the high voltage lines above, lol.  

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Fishing on Location

My friend Jon Kam took the day off to go fishing on the Red Sea boat so loaded up and headed out early.  Sometimes it's hard to find the fish so gotta keep looking high and low.  This technique Jon is using works well because with no birds in sight our corner goes off!  We clear the lines and 300 yards behind the boat, the fish shakes the hook.  Reset and start looking again…Then Rigger pops!  Same routine and we get in 20 minutes.

Jon Kam first official ahi of the year!  He was happy and so were we!

Took a few pics and headed in.  Then on the way I happen to look back and see a marlin fin 5 ft behind my boat.  I think he wanted to hop in?  I slowed down and the fish swam away.

Got a nice ono as well and another great day of fishing on location!  Mahalos to the Red Sea Crew for making it all happen!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ahi Rendition

Winds picked up 23 knots and swell about 7 ft so perfect time to go fishing!  Some people like the calm water, but not me.  I rather dive when it's flat, fish when its rough and surf when its good!

Courageous Cat was the only one game to challenge the rough seas so off we went to look for the meat.  Not much birds or rubbish but had our faith in our 1st string gaji team in the lineup.  Made it to the grounds and then the starboard rigger pops and I look to see a big fish splash behind the boat.  I think marlin so I clear some poles while Cat drives and then I start to crank.  Fish is on then all of a sudden it's off?  Dang! I start reeling to see the lure then hanapaa! 

What It's on again?  Thinking its a marlin, I bring it to the boat and see its an Ahi!  Pull in in and continue the journey.  Then head back to my honey hole and sure enough we get another strike!  

Port corner pops and by the time I clear all the lines I see the gold bar on the reel.  Put on my new Pelagic gloves and start the workout!  30 minutes later, we see color not below but on the surface!  The fish swallowed both hooks and drowned.  Easy gaff and got 2 in the boat.  Time to head in.

Remember this classic photo?  Well it's not a husband and wife, but the artists sister and local town dentist who posed for this picture painted by artist Grant Wood.  So I had an idea...

Here is our artist "Ahi Rendition".  Ha ha!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Graduation Ahi

My friend Keith and his son Brandon joined us on board the Red Sea boat to catch some fish.  It was Brandon's second time on our boat and first time trolling.  Brandon will be heading off to college next month so it would be his last hoorah. Weather was little rough but we managed to make it out to the secret spot with my first string gaji lures ready to play when we took the strike!  Reel was dumping line out fast and guys did a great job and got a good workout.

Got it to the boat and into the boat in 20 minutes.  Took a few pics for the wall and set the lures again.

We got some mahis, onos and even got a cargo net!  First time ever!  Thought we hooked up a grander and put my new gloves to the test.  Thanks to my crew for another great day on the water!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Magic gloves

Got a couple nice mahis the other day, stoked!  These are the most wanted fish nowadays.  Gold!  I hope we catch more.

Took a spin by the bay and feel so lucky we live in Hawaii.

Been looking for a good pair of leader gloves and ordered these from Pelagic.  They suppose to protect your hands when hauling in the big fish.  Hope they work because they cost and arm and leg!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

BBQ Time

Had a great day BBQ ing with some good friends!  Kekoa and Teri invited us over to their pad and it was awesome.  Lance and Kekoa getting the Kamado ready for the ahi collars.  Bacon wrapped scallops, kalbi, pork roast, poke, etc were on the menu.

Beautiful panoramic view with family and friends is priceless.

Toda-san before and after pictures was classic!

Look forward to more good times with friends.  Thanks Kekoa and Teri for the BBQ.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Eat What You Catch

In our family we eat what we catch!  From the fresh slabs we usually try eat it raw first.  Some people lay a bed of cabbage, others use radish.  Making poke is usually a couple days afterwards.

The lesser grade parts go to bottling and this will last for a long time.  Often we chop the bones to make soup as well.  Nothing goes to waste!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Pelagic gloves

Bought these pair of pelagic gloves hoping they would work well but after fighting one average size ahi  I'm not so sure how good these will stand the test of time.  Mono line burning holes right through my fingers. I better go look for something else? 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Folllow the Yellow Brick Road

Happy 4th of July! Freedom on the open ocean is so fun!  No traffic lights, few other boats, beautiful scenery!  Headed out on the Red Sea boat on the yellow brick road to the emerald city with my crew, the Courages Cat, Ironman Al, and me the Tiny Tinman.  We asked the wizard for a sign and he gave us a rainbow to follow, so we did.  Headed for the pot of gold.  With no birds, no boats, no rubbish our port corner pops!  Reels screams and the line peals out, 10 second later the starboard rigger slams and we got a double!  Courages Cat steers perfectly and Iron man Al clears lines and starts to crank.  I crank the other pole and somehow we manage to land both using the trusty 110 cm toto speargun!

Snap a pic or 20 and head in early….But wait!  I decide to let the lures out just to check one other area on the inside ledge.  20 minutes later, another double in the blind!  One shakes the hook and our team is on point!  Ironman Al wisely keeps the line tight and Courageous Cat navigates the choppy waters. We bring it in 15 minutes to leader and it is on the side of the boat it tears the glove of Ironman Al. We secure it and this time pull all our lures out of the water and head into the harbor to meet the Wizard of Crow at the dock.

It was a dream day for all of us!  We avoided the wicked witch of the west and stuck with our plan to follow the yellow brick road and by the grace of God, came home home safely with some meat on the table.  Each journey we take on the Red Sea boat we get to see and experience different things.  Opportunities come and go but we learn from each trip out.  It's how we improve our technique by working together as a team.  Thank you to my sea and land crew for always working so hard and making our journey together so memorable.  Until next time, lets have some sashimi!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Ahi Feevah continĂșes...

Relaxing weekend for everyone, so took a stroll along the best side.  Weather was nice and calm and lots of boats went out.  Cat look for mid flyers.

Brent looked for high flyers…You gotta watch out when you board the Red Sea boat, so smooth it puts you to sleep. ha ha!

Then in the blind, BAM!  Gaji lure takes the hit and we are on!  

A few gold bars to mix it up.   Mahalos to the Red Sea crew for another awesome day!