Monday, February 27, 2012

Ama Divers coming to HSDTV


PREMIER: TUESDAY, MARCH 6, 2012 8:30 PM (HST) on channel 16 or 1016 (High Definition)


WATCH ONLINE: (everytime it airs in Hawaii)


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rough water diving

Today Brent Ching (right) rented a boat for his birthday so joined him and his friends. The weather was windy, cold, dirty water, and big swells so that was my excuse for selecting to be the deck hand for the day. Luckily the boat was 39 ft long but still some of the boys got seasick. Rowen (left) also speared this nice kumu which will be getting steamed tonight.

Deroy Lavatai also showed us how to catch "Tako" Octopus and shared his secret recipe as well for making popcorn tako! It was great meeting new divers and look forward to having them on a Red Sea Ocean Adventure some day.

Rough seas

Means seasick

Boat dive

Starts now!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Women of the Sea

A few years ago I went to Japan with a group of 18 of us for the opportunity to film legendary Ama divers. It was like going back in time when there was no color tv, no computers or cell phones. Just the simple life of providing for your family. It was one of the most fascinating trips ever and we couldn't believe what happened. Since then, I've waited for the right opportunity to air this episode on Hawaii Skin Diver TV. Last year the Tsunami hit Japan and it was not the right time. Next month is the 1-year anniversary of the tragic event that shook the world and we hope this show will help uplift those who were affected. I have much more to say but will save it for another day...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Celebrating 10 Years

Have you ever gotten butterflies paddling out to a new spot where the waves are going off? Or diving new spots where you don't know what to expect with currents, sharks, etc? Their risks involved in a lot choices we make but something or someone motivates you to try.
After the first ride or wipeout the butterflies subside and the experience of the ride takes over. Its addicting! You are hooked! You must do it again and again.

Then its time to kick out, paddle back, and repeat the process. 10 years ago we took a huge step to start a new business called "RED SEA OCEAN ADVENTURES". It was scary with huge risk involved. I asked millions of questions, prayed for wisdom, sought good advice, then paddled in. Year after year our company has grown and we've seen so many happy people whose dreams have come true. We have met so many cool people along the way and seen strangers become best of friends. Whether you ride the perfect wave, catch your dream fish, or experience a life changing moment it's all worth it. Life is to short to wonder the what ifs and now is the time to try! To all our friends and families who have travelled with us throughout these past 10 years, THANK YOU! The journey has just begun..

Here's a email we received after our last trip which summarized it all...Thanks Matt!

What an awesome and memorable trip! I've been on 5 Red Sea Ocean Adventures and each one has been incredible. I especially enjoyed myself on this one because there was "aunties and uncles" to make it feel like home even though we were far away. Thanks to KB for showing us all why Palau is such a special place. Ceri and my daughter are so jealous after I showed them all the video and photos I took of all the great moments.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gone fishin

Another windy day on Hawaii so headed to the pier to check the action with Maika and Kai. Lots of happy faces here!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Palau Rocks!

Just started the downloading photo process and we got lots of good shots. From surfing, diving, or sightseeing the action was non-stop. Kekoa Mau got some nice fish like this sweetlips which went into the smoker on the last day. Junior and Kb's dads helped smoke the fish and it was winners!
While the boys finished up their last surf I went for more mu's and had so much fun spearing these fish. The surf was going off and I decided to spend a hour to catch a couple for our party.
But the prized fish in Palau is not the dogtooth, ono, ahi, or mu. It's the Kala! Kala is King and it's equivalent to spearing a 5 lb. kumu. They are smart and know how to run away from you. We needed some for the bbq and got lucky!
Kb and Lalii opened their home and we ate like royalty. Here Kb, is sampling the Kala and check his expression as he eats the best part of the Kala, the fat lining near the stomach. Lalii enjoyed the spicy mu poke we made and couldn't stop eating.

Sulang to all my friends and family in Palau. The Pleasure Island Palau crew rocks and we look forward to our next Red Sea Trip in 2013.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Palau the final destination!

Today the swell picked up as forecasted and we were stoked! Got to pull out the bigger boards and get shacked. There were a few nice sized ones that were hard to paddle into like this bomb set James tried for. Luckily he didn't get sucked over the falls.
Saw this other guy stuck in the wrong place and the wrong time and paid his dues. He went over the falls for sure!
Kb Sakuma was pulling in backside and got to test out his new 7'2 clapper board.

I also got a few good waves to keep that dream alive! The search is pau!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Perfect Day In Paradise!

We been so busy waking up at 5:00 am, surfing, diving, touring, home at 7:00 pm, dinner, sleeping by 9:00 pm with no time to upload pictures till now. We got to visit the famous Jellyfish lake and the milky way where you apply this sand that makes you look 10 years younger or a shade lighter on your skin color.
We did some diving shot all kinds of reef fish and did a dive for pelagics and got lucky! Ono, Dogtooths, Uluas were on the target list and thats what we got. The background is at this place called the natural arch which is located in the rock islands.
Perfect waves, nobody out, what else can we ask for?

James got this one long barrel which made his day complete as I shot this 20 shot sequence. Tomorrow another bump is expected so got get some rest for more surfing.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My bodyguards

During our stay in Palau we are hosted by the best guide with the best staff who treat us like family. KB Sakuma (left) is da man in Palau! We are blessed to have such great friends. We have our own boat man and body guards who protect and watch us with their life. Junior (middle) just got a baby girl today and we are so happy for this proud father. Fonz (right) has gotten so dark we can't even see him unless he smiles and shows us some white teeth. We feel so safe around them.

The swell is dropping but should be coming up again soon so enjoying our time together surfing, diving, touring, and eating.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Palau Surf Action

Red Sea Group arrived in Palau ahead of schedule and with the jet lag factor we ended up sleeping at 4 am hawaii time. As you can see our pad has all the comforts of home. Our first day we headed to surf the secret right.
James Oshiro put on his helmet and was ready for his 8 hour session. This is the happiest man on earth!
As you can see we scored with perfect waves peeling into a channel. We were the first guys out and soaked it up till the sun went down.

Matt Wakabayashi took off on this gem and his 6'10 was working good. Glassy, hollow, and fun is what we got on this day. We will be doing some diving also so gotta go get the gear ready. Stay tuned.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lets fly!

The friendly skies, hope the food is good!

Surf Forecast

Biggest swells of the year expected to arrive in Hawaii midweek and the spectators are wondering if the eddie will go? The unruly winds will be the deciding factor and I think it may be poor conditions. There will be some spots that will be epic so if you know where to look you will score! As you can see the active pattern in the north pacific is pumping and surf season is in full swing. Time to find that perfect wave!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Excess luggage

Time to start packing for our next red sea ocean adventure! I'm always struggling to make the allowable luggage but just gotta make it all fit.

Hot day in hawaii

Time to cool waiola shave ice

HSDTV 5th Annual Mexican Shootout

So many people ask why don't you put yourself on the HSDTV show? I tell them because I am usually behind the camera filming someone else and its more rewarding to see others having their dreams come true. Well on next months show I've decided to put a quick clip of me in the show of a striped marlin I speared in La Paz. After I speared this fish, it made a couple of turns on me as I held my gun in front of me as it swam for me. My partner James hid behind the buoys and then it took off for a mile before I was able to catch up to it and put a second shot in. It was an experience I will never forget. Premiers Feb. 7th at 8:30 pm on OC16. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Japan and Okinawa in Hawaii

Wakayma + Okinawa + Hawaii were in the house for a reunion bbq party. We are so thankful for our many friends around the world who open up their homes, hearts, and have us be a part of their lives. These friends have been so generous to my family and friends these past years and we were so happy to have them visit our back yard this time.
We had an awesome spread of the best of best poke, sashimi, cajun style to start things off.

Then another whole spread of dishes that took everyone 3 servings each to put a dent in. Here our friend Hayato Maki was on plate no. 2. Now its time to work out and start burning off some calories.

2.2.12 Pau Hana session

Jockos with 5 guys out!

Yamari shirasu no. 1

Best Japanese shirasu! Arigato Kimura-san and atsuko-san!