Thursday, May 30, 2013

Obstacle Course

Was sorting some photos today and came across this sequence at one of my favorites rights.  This day I remember like it was yesterday.  So many surfers in the water I thought I was on the south shore of Oahu.  You call this the obstacle course.

But this wave blows away any right in town.  Even if its crowded you can still catch waves if you know where to sit.  You hold your position and hope the surfers will move out of the way or get run over like a bull dozer.

Just set make the drop, set your line, and pull in!  Only a surfer knows the feeling.  Now I want to go surf again! South swell no. 2 should be on its way:)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dive Again?

Wow after a week of surfing and diving in Fiji we made it home to beautiful Hawaii!  Unpack, wash gear, relax and I get a call from my friend Kirby who needs fish for a party.  Huh? Finish up my work,  load up the gear and off we go!

Our target was small game so we took the 3 prongs and headed to the fish market on the south shore.  Kirby got this nice moana kali goatfish which is perfect for steaming.

After a couple hours in the water, we had enough and called it a day!  A mix of red, purple, black made for another perfect day.  Thanks Kirby for the dive today.  Can't wait to do it again and again...

Home Sweet Home


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kava time

This one evening our driver "Russi" (blue shirt) invited us to a garage party where he and his co-workers gathered for an evening drink.  So our group was treated to the real fijian culture of having an authentic kava ceremony.  They explained their traditions, cultural practices, and lifestyle of "living for the day".  This capped off our trip and its times like this that make our Red Sea trips so special.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Perfect Group

Another day of fun lefts to remember.  Jimmy Nakano dropping in on a gem!  Jimmy is super cool and has some great recipes to share!  He knows the secret spots to eat and find the hidden treasures of Hawaii.  I think he should replace Guy Hagi in Cheap Eats and start his own TV show!

Mihoko also got some good ones! Check out the barrel behind her!  With one broken board she is now officially hooked on spearfishing!  From bag girl to 3 prong, she has now new fins to take her down to deeper depths and bigger game.

Our group was so much "fun"!  We were treated to a visit to a "fantasy island" called Royal Davui with our generous hosts, Julie and Darryl Hodson.  Lunch was awesome and the tour was amazing.  Hopefully one day we will be able to stay there.

James Oshiro kept the line up clear for the rest of the group by sitting deep and catching the sets at cloudbreak.  He had one set wave he shared with Fijians no. 1 surfer, Ise.  He thanked Ise for dropping in sharing the wave with him.  It was a truly classic moment.

Aunty Jane and Uncle Herman were always there to support and entertain us!  If you want to learn how to party, learn from experience and get educated from the "Takimoto" ohana.  Thank you so much for all your help on the trip!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Morning View

Our daily morning view starts with breakfast at 7 am overlooking the Sonaisali hotel pool with Tavarua and Namotu in the distance about 30 minutes away.

The waters here are super clear maybe 200 ft visibility and we time our surf/dive sessions around the tides.  Whens it low tide we surf cloudbreak and when the winds come on we dive.  Here Kekoa got this nice Uku for our pupu hour.

I saw this snapper on the bottom and  he came in to check me out but today was not his day.  Fijians love fish so we gave this one away to the security guard at the hotel.

We also got a walu (spanish makeral) on a drop which provided our group fresh sashimi and poke for days.  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fiji Fun!

Past days have been a blur.. from surfing fun rights for 3 days with south swell to 3 days of perfect lefts in Fiji we couldn't have asked for more.  We arrived to Nadi made it to our first spot and surfed, fish, and dove!  Light winds, south swell, and good group is all we need. Al Ah Nee showing us why goofy footers get to have all the fun!

Our group of travelers made it to a private island called Royal Davui where only the rich and famous get to stay but our friends Julie and Darryl invited us for a visit which we just couldn't pass up.

Surfing uncrowded lefts makes life so good!  Kekoa Mau taking the late drop but made it!

Honeymooners Mihoko and Jimmy Nakano also had some good waves and moments like this will be cherished forever.

Here are surf group get a taste of Fiji Power!   Swell continues to roll in and it has been non-stop action for everyone!

Fiji dive

Matt's giant aweoweo! Fed 13 hungry group of travelers.

Fiji surf

Time to surf cloud break!


We made it! Sorry been out of email connection so had to improvise. Pics to come.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fiji Surf Trip

Starts now!  Our group of travelers made from Honolulu to Fiji and ready to surf, dive, and fish!  Vinaka!

Surf and Pack!

Wow past 3 days have been awesome with waves for everyone!  Swell arrived Thurs. afternoon, got bigger on Friday, and another SW reinforcement today!  Solid double overhead surf made everyone happy and should keep everyone stoked for the rest of week and the swell tapers off.  Was watching all day the conditions changing and when I seen the winds go calm and waves start barreling around 5 pm. it was time for me to go surf!  4 other guys out, we couldn't have asked for more.  I got enough right handers for now so time to start packing to surf some epic lefts!  Stay tuned...

Friday, May 17, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013


What boards should I take on my next surf trip? Hmmmm....The south swell filled in late today but it was worth the wait after I got a few good ones:)  Should have more fun waves rolling through this weekend as well.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Party Time!

Happy birthday to my nephew Kai! We had a great time today!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

First Red Sea Boat Trip Pau!

Wow we just could not have asked for more perfect weather for our first outer island Red Sea boat trip!  I always wanted to try and take my boat out for a boat trip and every time I see the weather turning nice, I watch to see if it will happen.  This time it did!  We timed our departure 4 hours following the cold front and could see the storm ahead of us and blue skies behind.  We had the most amazing sunrises and sunsets from a different perspective.  At night you could see the numerous stars with no city lights.

Living on a boat you have to make do.  Weather you are bathing or doing no. 2 business in a bucket you just make do!  literally!  ha ha!  We found this perfect spot to anchor and even had internet connection where we could make calls and surf the web. We did some blue water dives and had a dozen or so big uluas swimming up to us but since that was not on our target list we decided to let them live another day.

Got a nice couple mahis for dinner.

And a nice mix of reds for our family and friends!  Thanks to my crew, Kekoa and James for joining me on this trip and our ohanas for all your support with our ono grinds and trailer service.  

Dinner time

What's for dinner? Nakamoto deluxe plate lunches.  Lets Party!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Morning dive session

Full Cooler by noon!


James Oshiro hook up!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunset time

Chilaxin with Kekoa

Red sea boat trip

Weather looking nice for a red sea boat trip!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gene Higa Memorial Spearfishing Tournament 2013

Today we went over to do some filming at the 8th Annual Gene Higa Tournament.  Hanalei Adric shot this nice 44 lb Ulua.  Congratulations to all the competitors and and mahalo to all the sponsors for supporting the event!

Cover shot!

Thanks Patagonia for my first cover shot!  Stoked for Kimi Werner for doing a great job representing our sport, respecting the environment and living her dream!  This was taken on our past trip to the Northwest Hawaiian Islands where we stayed on board the Hiʻialakai for about a month exploring the remote atolls and reefs.  I can remember taking these photos like it was yesterday!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tune-up Time

Wow can believe how many hours I put on my motors already!  Well to keep my baby "purring" its a must to maintain and service your engines regularly.  Like going to the doctor or dentist to check up on your health and teeth.  Bayside Marine Service has been there for me and thanks to Paul Takemoto and Jason Acacia I feel safe out at sea.  Here Jason was doing his final inspection on my motor before we closed it all up.  If you need to service or install motors on your boat contact Bayside Marine at 247-1202.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kole Action

Meet Izaiah Moniz, son of legendary Tony and Tammy Moniz.  Heʻs been getting into diving along with his other brothers Seth and Josh and these kids are the next generation of professional surfing.  I did some 3 pronging the other day while they took out their reef guns and my target was Kole.  I had a few requests for some bbq parties so got a bunch.  Thanks Kirby for snapping these photos.

This is a really oily fish and really good fried with salt and pepper.  Boys took some, and I gave some to my family and friends for their bbq and itʻs all gone already!  Well the waves have gone down and weather looking good again for this weekends Gene Higa Dive meet and into next week!