Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weight Problems

Lot of people struggle with being overweight, I do to...You would think I got this packing this down by now, but every time I travel I struggle to meet the allowable luggage weight limit. Back in the good ol' days it was 2 pieces at 70 lbs per bag for a international flight but now it's only 50 lbs per bag. With surf boards, dive gear, and camera equipment, I'm only left with a few pounds to spare for my clothes and snacks. For domestic flights, many airlines are charging for everything from luggage, meals, movies, etc... who knows' next they will charge you for using the toilet? Well for my next trip, I have the answer! Just pay the excess fee and bring another bag. Happy Travels:)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Went over for a weekend dive with my friends Ray, Wendell, Puna, Johnny, Sue, and Conrad. The water was so nice over there and visibility was at least 100 ft. We had a great crew on board and local boy Derek Hara (not in photo) also joined us. His wife made us the most awesome bento lunches that all we could think about while diving was getting back on the boat and eating.
Our mission was to have 3 divers who never speared pelagic fish before get one each. Mission accomplished as 19 year old Johnny showed us how it was done on this bull mahi. He was stoked and made his dad, Wendell so proud as we got it all on high def video for him to relive.
We ate fresh mahi, ono, ahi, everyday and even saw marlin! Lori Shirakawa made us an awesome dinner that everyone gained weight on the trip.
Then we ate "kona gold" also known as lychee with ice cream on the side. This was so ono, I couldn't stop.

We visited Rick and Angela Bettua of Aimrite Spearfishing on our way out and got a tour of their factory. We had a great time from the Big Island and look forward to getting back there again soon! A big mahalo to Ray, Lori, Derek, and the dive crew for the invitation!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Chucky Boy Chock Music Coming

Hawaii You asked for it! Chuck Boy Chock Music is coming August 17th... Pre-order your copy today or contact us for more details!

A Mexican Fishing Tale

So it's the first day filming in Mexico and my video tape runs out so I decide to give it a go and try and spear one fish. We are on a hot spot that is full of bait and after getting a good breath up I descend through thousands of green jacks littering the ocean floor. Visibility is at 20 feet and as I reach 2 atmospheres (66 ft) I can begin to see the bottom. I make out about a dozen larger fish below and keep going downward gripping my 120 cm rail gun. Then a nice Pargon also called dogtooth snapper comes in range and I let the shaft fly...I spear it in the back but luckily my shaft nicks its spine and it doesn't hole up but rolls over. I am low on air so start the swim up back through the green jacks and we end up getting one on board for the day. So many more stories to share from Mexico's finest resort, Palapas Ventana. Keep June 28-July 6th open for next year's Mexican Shootout!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Coral Sea Trip 2011

Divers "DREAM TRIP" is coming January 7-16, 2011