Thursday, July 23, 2009


What a busy weekend at the 2009 Hawaii Skin Diver Expo. Doors opened at 10:00 am and there was a line of people who flooded the doors. We had a booth and lots of interested people came by to sign up for our free trip giveaway. In the first 45 minutes almost 400 people came through the doors.
Hammerhead Spearguns had the most elaborate booth with a big crew, cash register, computer, even this mounted fish to lure in the customers.

Jay Riffe along with his daughters Julie and Jill were present and showcasing their latest products. Jay is a legend in the spearfishing community and has more stories to tell than any other diver. We still haven't unpacked our boxes yet and with all these summertime surf we might just leave them in place for the next festival coming up in October.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

North Shore Kagami

What a busy weekend! Did some work and did some play. No surf so that means dive! I was debating weather to go west but last minute went north. Good thing because I heard traffic was nuts on the westside due to a broken water main. I met up with National Spearfishing Champion Wayde Hayashi for a dive and he showed me how a champion dives. Weather was a little rough but when you are in the right place at the right time it doesn't matter. This huge Kagami swam up to check our chum and Wayde was there to make sure he didn't eat the chum. I see this huge 20+ lb silver flash of Kagami coming up from the deep and within a few minutes he was in the boat. Wayde will be heading up to Nationals this year and teaming up with Kimi Werner in the mixed team division. We wish them the best of luck as they represent Hawaii.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kilauea lighthouse

Wind, wind, wind with no waves in the forecast for Hawaii means it's time to travel! I wonder if everyone already forgot about the June south swells and itching to surf. Next big trip is to Mexico August 16 for the Mexican Shootout! I hear there are some big onos being speared and with El Nino this year it may bring in more pelagics! Anyone know where this secret lighthouse is? Located on the Northeast side of Kauai, Kilauea lighthouse is a postcard view in itself. We will be filming in Kauai in a few weeks so can't wait to visit the local landmarks and eat some Hamura Saimin and lilikoi pie soon.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gaji Lures

Happy 4th of July! Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday. No better time to pull out the sashimi and poke with good friends and family watching the honolulu city lights going off. But to get that fresh sashimi you better dig deep in your pockets or have your favorite lures on board. Before we left on our trip to New Caledonia, we were blessed to meet up with Allan Sato of Gaji Lures who literally hooked us up! We hooked tuna, ulua, mahi, uku, and aku with his lures and were stoked on the performance of his lures.

Beth Oakes landed her first mahi weighing in at 26lbs and she was stoked to say the least. As an avid spearfisherman, I don't have as much patience waiting for fish to bite my lure or bait. I'll make a few casts, let out the lines for 10 minutes trolling, or make a couple of drops bottom fishing and if nothing takes the bait I get anxious and go in after them with my speargun. But when the bite is on, I'm there. If you haven't tried a Gaji Lure yet, you are missing out on all the action! Log on to and get hooked up before your next party!