Monday, November 26, 2018

Tako Divers the next generation

Winds backed off so took the nephews out for a boat ride.  So soothing and mesmerizing on the Red Sea Boat.  Maika falling asleep...

Kai was feeling a little whoozy with the rock as well so headed in to the sandbar.

Boys always gotta look cool?

Met da Sato ohana and headed out for a tako dive.

Austyn watching Maika wear his tako wig.  ha ha!

Great to see the next generation of tako divers in action.

Even had fun on the couch until we flipped over headfirst.  North shore is maxing today so be careful everyone.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

Eat, eat, eat!  Seems like thats the name of the game this week!  Hope everyone had their fill of food and spending quality time with your family and friends.  Big waves coming soon! Time to burn some fat!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Thanksgiving Fish

Beautiful sunrise with nice weather for fishing so Cat and I headed out bright and early to find the worm.

Found a few nice otaru and some big mahis for our thanksgiving party!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Tako Sunday

Found some semi clean water today for a tako dive.

Keith Yamane got lucky today!  Nadia got her first manini on a 3 prong as well.  Good job!  Great fellowship!  Beautiful Tako Sunday!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Dreams come true!

Decided to head out for some dinner again on the Red Sea boat.  I had a dream the night before about finding some fish so followed my gut and found this sign, rainbow!  No birds, no rubbish then in the blind…BAM!  After 30 minutes we have the fish at the boat and we are all smiles:).  Take care of the fish and reset with the big guns.

30 minutes later in the blind…BAM!  BAM!  BAM!  BAM!  Yes 4 banger!  What?  No way?  We all look at each other then we start cranking!  The corner goes slack so I crank it then BAM!  It hooks up again.  I take one corner, Al takes the other and we race to the finish line.  One comes over the rail, then another..

Then another!  The lines cross and we switch poles around and around to avoid breaking the line.

With the help of God, good driver Cat and teamwork we get all 4 in the boat.

Al starts the GNG (Gill and gut) and I work on the other 2 fish.

It's not even noon and we called it a day!  Al buckles up for the ride home as I blaze to the harbor.

Big mahalo to my crew, Cat, Al, Crow, Earline, and Maika for their help today.  Its'gonna be hard to top this day for sure!  Dreams really do come true!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Friends for Ever!

Have a fun weekend hanging out with the boys at Lucky Strike! Happy birthday Maika! Remember your family and friends always got your back!  When you are old and grey you will understand!

Since Ahi season is over and surf has been small, I've been fine tuning the Red Sea boat for next year.   Put some sturdy brackets on this pole holder so may have to go out soon and test it out? Lol.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy Halloween!

My cousins husband, Kevin Onuma makes some amazing pumpkin carvings!  Here's one of many he made this year.

Always enjoy seeing the first light each morning!  Especially if the surf is good!

Can't wait to watch the next episode of Hawaii Skin Diver!  The cutest HSD show you will ever see period.   Join the Satos for a family dive in Kaneohe Bay. Tune in next Tues. Nov. 6, 8:30 pm on channel 16 or 1016.  Thanks for watching!