Monday, March 30, 2015

Mikes huli chicken

Went to gas my boat and saw this lunch wagon with lots of people. Lots of people must be good. Even tv show Diners drive thrus and dives were there before.
Good assortment of chicken shrimp and meats so I tried no. 9 for $17.50. 
This was a big lunch for me. Mikes huli chicken and kalua pig.
Then headed to town for more fishing gear. I think I spend more money fishing than diving or surfing for sure. 30 yards of this pink line is $50. But when we get fish in the cooler it's all good!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Green Screen Evening Session

Sometimes weather doesn't cooperate with our film shoots so we always have a option to work with green screen. It's fun to do and anyone can learn to it.
No need to worry about noise or lack of sun, just lights camera and action!
Swell started to build this afternoon so headed for a evening session as we scored some fun barrels! Surfed till dark!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hawaii Most Wanted

Today Mike Hatcher and Shane Cabilles invited me to film them dive the 6th annual Hawaii most wanted tournament. 30 teams targeting invasive species only.  Taape, toau, and roi were on the most wanted list.
Captain Shawn and first mate Colin did s great job on board keeping an eye out on the divers as they worked hard.
Shane aka "Bam Bam" started picking up the pace slamming fish 3 at a time  on each drop racking up the stringer.
In few hours their stringer grew to over a hundred pieces.  108 fish to be exact but the dirty water came in early so we headed back for the weigh in. They placed 2nd overall this year.  Congrats guys for a job well done and for Shawn and Collin for taking us out.  

Friday, March 27, 2015

HSDTV in Taiwan

Back in the edit bay past few days working on the next episode of HSDTV. Hawaii skin diver meets Taiwan skin divers. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 2 south swell

Trades are back as the high pressure moves in so that means offshore!  Swell peaked yesterday but still had fun waves!
Good to see Kirby and Ronnie out today. They said it was packed earlier but everyone went in. Waves were fun overhead and barreling! Gonna get windy next few days so go get tubed!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Final catches of the day

Our pad has a cool outdoor place to eat our meals. Traditional hale.
Check out this giant lobster! There was a cooler full for our final dinner.
Jonathan and one many ukus he caught.
Mike and his wide mouth spotted grouper.
Kekoa got some nice red Rois. Also called lunar tail grouper by the locals
Brantly found a treasure of shells along the shores of Kiribati.
I got a few omilus today on one of our spots.
Fabulous dinners! Roast pig, lobsters, tuna, potato, rice, and cheese cake.
Ikari house farewell song by the staff, so sad to say goodbye but we will come again for sure!

First South Swell

Sorry been "MIA" past few days with no internet.  Big south swell hit Kiribati on our last day so we made it back home in time to catch the first south swell of the summer. Was home unloading the dive gear by noon and in the water by 2 pm with overhead sets and 4 guys out! Will post more fish pics soon!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Catching Mantis shrimp

Today we left the bananas at home and boarded our 30 ft boat for a new adventure. Today our mission was to catch a mantis shrimp.
Our guide nathan took us to his mantis grounds and we got one! Lot of work in getting one and very dangerous. Mantis shrimp have sharp pointed claws that can be deadly.
Kekoa got a nice long nose emperor fish today.
Mike got his first awa.
Another nice uku!
Got back in at dusk to see the kids taking their bath. This is how they shower in Kiribati.
And this is how the mantis shrimp is when cooked. Looks like a alien or deformed centipede.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Bad luck banana!

We had a early start today, 600 am launched the boat for a 3 hour tour. The water started getting rough but our boats were ok.
Mike lost his knife today while chumming.
Kekoa accidentally stepped on Jonathan's mask and shattered it.
I lost a slip tip while shooting a fish. Then one of boat motors broke and they had to get a tow. We were scratching our heads then we found the culprit.
Someone brought the bananas on the boat. Yup even banana chips are bad luck!
Dinner was good! Good night..zzzz

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Big John=Big Fish

Day 2 of our dive trip to Kiribati and we boarded our 30 ft boat and headed out for some action. 
And action is what we got! Today Jonathan got his big Napoleon off his bucket list. He was happy!
Did some trolling and set out my Gaji lures and hanapaa! Fresh Ono tonight. We got some awesome video today so stay tuned!
Got me a red roi also which was a keeper. Time to go clean fish for pupu hour!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mike's Big Day

This is our pad! Nice, clean, air-condition and maid service. Woke up early and checked out one of my spots.
Mike Uyehara gets his big barracuda in the boat and he was stoked!
Then I called the boys over as 3 big napoleons came in. Jonathan made a drop and the fish was watching him from the back. He turned around but he was out of air.  Mike dropped on the fish and bam! Fish on! It went straight in the hole and wedged itself deep at 70 ft. We called our boatman and he assisted with his scuba tank to untangle the line freeing the fish. Mike was super stoked!
Buffet dinner at 7 pm. 
Lobster dinner tonight! What a day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Christmas in March?

Quick 3 hr flight to Kiribati and we are in divers paradise! Met my friend Jacob and headed to our beach house.
Beautiful set up with guided, maids, cooks all here to help.
First thing I see is this right reeling! Omg I should have brought my board.
Took a walk to town and visited my favorite store, no. 9.  Tomorrow we are jumping in so better sleep early.