Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Zealand Part2

During our New Zealand Adventure we were very selective of the fish we caught and with the abundance of Kingfish/Yellowtail/Hamachi we targeted fish above the 40 lb mark. Ken Oakes landed a few nice Kingies for his cooler. We seen a few big boys in the 80 lb+ range that looked like submarines scouring the ocean floor. Typically the bigger ones would swim alone which is probably why they are so big.
Travis Masutani aka "JD" was on fire. He has the keen insight of spotting a giant tako, grabbing enormous lobsters like these and spearing whatever he wanted to.

Kris Tyler showed us how to catch the top 3 fish in New Zealand in a single dive. The Kingfish, Snapper, and John Dory in one hour. Any spearo would be stoked on a catch like this. In Hawaii it would be equivalent to spearing a Ono, Mu, and Uku. I can't wait to go back next year! We took lots of video for a future episode of Hawaii Skin Diver where you can see all the action in High Definition. Until next time....Malama I ke kai!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Three Kings Part1

Just flew in from New Zealand and had a minute to download a few pictures. Weather was nice and with sunsets like these up north our boys were anxious to go diving.
Our destination was the Three Kings and we were fortunate to have the opportunity to visit these majestic rock formations 50 miles north of Cape Reinga. The weather can get ugly out here as the Tasman and Pacific collide forming radical currents with no where to hide.
Our Crew, Captain Mark (right) and his deck hand Paul (left), and Chef Craig (middle) made our ride as comfortable as it could have been. These guys are hard core waterman and don't get sea sick.

For me one nice Kingfish/Yellow Tail/Hamachi is what I wanted and on the last day of the trip I put down my camera and was able to get one with my speargun. Stay tuned for more pictures to come!