Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coming up next on HSDTV...

Been busy working on next month's HSDTV episode and getting ready for our maiden voyage on the Red Sea boat.  Here's what to expect on next months show with Kimi Werner, Jason Hijirida, and Ray Flores as they visit the republic of Palau for a variety of fish.  Premiers July 3, at 8:30 pm on OC16.  Enjoy the show!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Arigato Toda and Takami-san for bringing my favorite snacks from Japan. Red Sea party time starts now!

Sticker placement

One of my favorite parts when getting a new board is putting on stickers. Sticker placement is key and can be tricky to apply. So when our boat was about ready, it was time to locate the stickers. My niece Megan came over and helped me lay it up as her dad Vince supervised from below. Wait till you see the finished product! Big mahalos to Tyson Miyahara and Megan Kimura for their help.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mentawai Trip Pau!

Well our Mentawai Trip has come to a close and although the weather was rough the waves were awesome as usual.  We had a free air show with billabong team at Maccas, and its unreal to see the level of surfing now a days.

Even legendary Martin Potter "Potts" was out pulling in deep and surfing good as 20 years ago.

One of our highlights for sure was giving out all the school supplies to the kids.  Can't wait to do it again in November with our next group.

Local village spearos even took time out to pose for a pic with are girls in the group.

Our final sunset was surreal as we made our way back home for a smooth ride.  We surfed hard for 10 days and everyone came home safe with lots of great memories.  Teremakasih to our boat crew and group for making our dreams come true!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hard core fisherman

So we were heading from one island to another about 5 hours away when zuccho and Toda spot this boat in the middle of the ocean with fisherman waving towels calling for help. We pull up to find this stranded boat with 5 guys. They were there 2 days with a dead battery. We go to help and offer to tow them in but instead they asked us to take their battery and charge it and come back in 2 days. Now that's hardcore or crazy!

Monday, June 11, 2012

On the job

And yes, I actually do have a job. This is Akaya-chan, 16 year old body boarder is ranked no. 14 in the world. She got the most injuries but never gave up. Her dream is to be world champion. Ganbate!

Hula Hawaii

Meet Toda and Takami-san, from Fuji, Japan. They have two stores in Japan called hula Hawaii and always bring the best snacks and food on our trips. Imagine packing a SUP and still having room for food? See you back in Hawaii soon!

On a mission

One of goals on this trip was to provide donate school supplies to the kids. It was so neat to see how happy these children were to receive books, pens, coloring items. A few villages suffered loss from the tsunami 2 years ago and it was good to see them rebuilding. Many thanks to all who donated from Hawaii and Japan. We have 3 more boxes of supplies to share on our next trip in November.


2 days surfing one of the best rights in the world was awesome! Our first day we scored it by ourselves but second day was crowded.

Beng beng

This is a fun left to surf with not many crowds! We scored 2 full days at eBay, beng beng, and pitstops.

Meet zuccho

3x Japan surf champion "zuccho" was on our boat trip ripping it up. He is a super nice guy! Great surfing with you!

Going deep

Mentawai fishing boats...culture!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Still dreaming!

Sunsets, stories, and good times in mentawais! More to come later. Teremakasih!

Maccas resort

On our way to use the Internet finally!


This morning going off!

Mentawai dreaming

God is good! My boards arrived and we made it out to the mentawai islands after facing a huge storm. Surfed hts by ourselves, lances left, bin tang, and maccas today! All is well!