Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Toad on the road

Got a chance to get one last ahi before the season ends.  Al, Cat, and I headed out early to get the worm and it paid off as we ran over this toad on the yellow brick road again.  My corner 80 shimano reel went off and got um in 20 minutes.  Great teamwork!

Even managed to find a few mahis to mix up the game.  Mahalos to all my crew, friends, family and sponsors who helped us put meat on the table this ahi season.  We hoped you enjoyed eating the fish as much as we had catching them.  Now time to start traveling!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Tackle football

Hurricane Hector brought some nice sunsets and great fishing action!  Bite was on and we were lucky to get out there.  We found some birds and it was non-stop action all from dawn to dusk.

Some stars and stripes to mix things up for a change.  

To Cats, 8 Cows and a dozen Footballs to close out the day!  Thanks to my Red Sea Crew for all their hard work at the dock, on the boat, in the kitchen, cutting cleaning and all they do!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Season Over?

Wow did you see that big fire out west?  Well we got a ocean view with 3 blazes going!  Al calling in the fish...

Smoke everywhere!  This was possibly our last time fishing Waianae this year so we headed out early to find the worm.  Everyone was at one area so we left and went to hunt.   Found some birds and bingo!  Came in early.

Mahalo to my crew for another good day on the water.  Is the season over?  I don't think so… TBC…

Saturday, August 4, 2018

HSD Mag Vol. 73

New Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine vol. 73 is out on the news stands.  My nephew Kai got his first article in first few pages along with a story from Owen Adams Jr. on Christmas island.  Check it out!

Another fun day surfing practicing lefts today.  Small bump coming next week but keep an eye on hurricane Hector for some east swell too!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Surf Break

Took a few days off fishing to fix my motors and reset for next week.  Little bump in town so grabbed a few waves.  Got this fun app that tracks your waves, speed, distance etc.  Good to warm up for Indo waves soon!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Boat Repairs

What does acronym B.O.A.T. stand for? Bust out another thousand!  Always having to fix and repair things but I glad I know a good mechanic who can help me anytime.  My friend Jason is smart and over the phone told me what to do.  I was a little nervous pulling out all these wires.

But got to the source of the problem and changed these two parts so I can fish again.  Now I gotta go fix my broken reel.

My other friend Ray is selling his 36 foot radon if anyone is interested.  Its only $250,000 but worth $455,000.  It's on craigslist.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Dangerous Catch!

Been seeing some huge battleships out on the ocean lately.  I checked online and seems like they will complete their exercises Aug. 2nd.  Helicopters, boats, security all in place.

My friend Kui wanted to fish with me so we headed out to see if we could find dinner.  Kui is a truck driver and once worked on the fishing boats like on the show Deadliest catch.  4 days no sleeping and working hard was his lifestyle!  So we flew out 40 miles and set my lines on the honey hole.  Let the new players take first string and in 40 minutes we were on!  As we pulled it in and got to leader, Kui gaffed the fish and the fish went crazy pulling him overboard!  The line wrapped around his leg/boots and he was upside down next to the fish.  His boots filled with water and he began to sink. I held on to the fish as he slowly made his way to the motors to get back up.  After what seemed like 10 minutes he got back up, exhausted and we lifted the fish into the boat.

Even with all his years of fishing this was a first.  Fishing is fun but can be very dangerous if you are not experienced.  After we took care of the fish and I had to fix my motor way out at sea, lucky for 2 motors and a good mechanic friend I called with poor reception I was able to fish again.  I turned back out and reset my lines and 15 minutes later BAM!  This time my 130 Shimano reel breaks down and won't crack.  Whaat! We end up hand lining the fish in and last 100 yards put the line in a bucket because the reel was full.  Kui was beat after no. 2 ahi so I pulled in my lures and headed in early!

Definitely an action packed day with some nice 20 plus Otarus in the mix.  Mahalos to my crew for another fun but dangerous day!