Friday, August 31, 2012

Save the park

Remember the tv show "Cheers" where everybody knows your name? Surfing the park is like that where if you put in your time others will know you. You meet lots of people and learn to respect the locals. Got my membership sticker from "Save the Park Coalition". Mahalo Basil! See you in the line up.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tune up

Time to tune up my blue water gun for some BIG game! Sanded, stained, oiled, waxed and ready to shoot some pelagic fish. Last year I filmed divers confronted with huge fish and was amazed. This year I have ahi fever, Ono fever, mahi fever on my mind. Fish beware!

Missing Mentawai

It seems like so long ago now that we got good waves to ride so reflecting on the last trip to Mentawais where we got good surf everyday.  Maccas was going off as usual for 3 days straight and we got to surf with legendary Martin Potter and some of his friends from Rip Curl.

We had the honor of donating school supplies to local villages as a mission and we had so much that we will be giving more out on our next trip.  

One of my favorite waves by far is HT's or Lances Right. This wave is the dream right hander and one day we surfed it all by ourselves.  The other day 35 guys in the line up.

But like any Red Sea trip, the surfing, diving, fishing is the "icing on the cake".  Its really about travel and meeting you friends and just living the dream!    I can't wait to get back on the boat later this year.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Big Ulua

Another nice Ulua caught by this young gun.  56 lbs.  His best one yet!  Congrats to all the divers!

Big Kumu

Heres a shot of a big Kumu this guy caught for the Hawaiian Open Spearfishing Tournament.  4.05 lbs. See below the dorsal fin..this fish was shot before!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

8.26.12 sunrise

What a beautiful day in Hawaii! Eastside sunrise as divers head out for the Hawaiian open spear fishing tournament. Stay tuned for the weigh in this afternoon.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Lucky or Good?

The weather was looking good for a day on the water so we decided to take the Red Sea boat out for another day of breaking in the motors.  You need to go slow when breaking in the motors and trolling seemed like the best option, but if we didn't catch anything I brought my dive gear as plan b.  We drove far and found a nice pile of birds and we put in our favorite Gaji lures and bam!  Starboard rigger goes off!  I quickly clear the lines while Kekoa grabs the pole and Crow mans the wheel.  Its a good fight and I grab the gaff while the fish slowly comes up.  

We see color and the fish is hooked by the trailer hook on the top of the head?  What? Yup! Kekoa keeps the lines tight and we get it in the boat:)  It was Kekoas first Ahi and we were just talking about it last week of how he wanted to catch one.  My dad has worked long and hard on the boat and it was good for him to actually see all his work paying off with fresh fish!

Thanks guys for a fun day on the water!   This was our first real catch on the Red Sea boat and as the phrase goes..."Better to be lucky than good!" Pretty soon Red Sea charters will be open for business!  Ha Ha!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just hanging

With "Da Bruddahs"! Congrats on the OC16 lifetime achievement award!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

OC16 ohana

Had lunch with the OC16 ohana today and we proud to be a part of this family. There are over 50 shows on this network and we continue to be one of their most watched shows:) I'm 3rd from the right in my jams world suit and slippahs.

Aloha Friday

Hook up! Good Job Ken, congratulations on landing this huge marlin!

Sea Sick

Imagine being on a boat in super rough seas, getting tossed back and forth with no end in sight.  I've been on some crazy boat rides but nothing like this! Click here

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Mahalos Shaun for turning us on to Zionic watches! Check out to get yours today!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

As seen on TV

What a beautiful hot Hawaiian day! Did some HSDTV filming with Chris, Merlinda, and Shaun today and all went well. Waves are still small so best bet is go dive, fish, or work and make money for our next red sea ocean adventure!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer blues

Summertime doldrums continue here on the south shores of Hawaii.  Everyone is saying its the worst summer ever...Surfers are all anxious to get some solid surf soon while divers are enjoying every minute.  Forecasts still don't look that promising yet so better book your tickets to go chase some swells soon.  Mentawai group already sold out but a few spots open for Mexico next month.  If you are interested shoot me an email.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Niihau Pics

Well our 2012 Niihau Adventure came to a close and everyone had a blast!  We were on the perfect boat with the perfect crew and perfect group of divers.  We couldn't have asked for anything more.  Beautiful sunsets and stars above with no obstructions of city lights.  Light winds and fair seas made our ride smooth.

We had fresh fish and even did bbq on the boat with kalbi ribs, bbq chicken, hot dogs and all.  Bruddah Mikey took good care of everyone and made sure we were all fed well.

He even went diving with us and showed us how its done Niihau style.

Our divers were very selective and only targeted certain species like this uku.  Layne Tsuchiguchi got a couple nice ones.

 Team westside dive and tackle, Kris Tyler and Brian Watanabe also got some prized catches like this Mu and knifejaw.
At the end, all the fish went to the families of the crew and all their workers.  Mahalo to Capt. Jerrie and the crew for a great trip and we look forward to more Red Sea Ocean Adventures in the future.

Double 07 on hsdtv!

Here papara-c snapped a shot of Merlinda asking Pierce if he wants to go for a dive:)

Guess who we met today

We were filming with Merlinda today and this familiar guy walks our way. Merlinda turns and says "hi Pierce!" we turn and here is double 07 himself, Remington Steele, actor Pierce Brosnan. He stops and Merlinda tells him to tune into Hawaii skin diver. We chat and he even let us snap a photo with him. Maybe you might see him on our next episode! Ha ha!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Next stop

Kilauea bakery...north shore Kauai. Pastry heaven!

Hamura's special

Broke da mouth!

Fueling up

At Hamura's saimin

Niihau Pau

Mahalo to capt. Jerrie and the crew for taking us out! We had a great time and look forward to more adventures in the future. Now it's time to enjoy the famous foods found only in Kauai.

Niihau catch

Colorful mix of reef fish

Niihau uku

Captain jerrie on the "job" with this huge uku! All on film:)

Niihau night action

Brian "rockstar" Watanabe had a great time on this trip. It was his first dive trip and glad he came. He dove all day and fished all night. Good thing he had his rockstar energy drink to keep him up!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Niihau catch day 1

Henry Blas joined us on our trip and on this trip he caught some prized fish. Mu, Aku, goat fish...awesome catch!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Red sea ocean adventure

Starts now!

Rock and roll

On board kuuipo Kai ii...excited!

Ready for action

HSD divers ready to dive!

Next stop

Monday, August 6, 2012

HSDTV - 100th episode

Tomorrow night features "Hawaii Skin Diver TV" 100th episode!  Can't believe how fast it has come by and we want to thank all our sponsors who have faithfully stood by us all these years.  Our divers who always invite us along their adventures and without them we would not be able to provide our viewers non-stop action.  Our film crew and local musicians who have generously provided the support we need every time.  And all our viewers who watch HSDTV and make it one of the most watched shows on OC16.  Premier of our special Northwest Hawaiian Islands episode will air tomorrow, Tuesday at 8:30 pm on channel 16, 1016 (HD) or log on to

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mexican Shootout 2012 Pau

Mexican Shootout 2012 has come to and end and overall event was a huge success!  We met our goal to provide A/C units for the local elementary school and everyone had a fun time.  Our sponsors stepped up again and generously donated all kinds of goodies for our divers and boat captains!

Boat Captains were on it again putting divers on their fish each day.  Here Captain Yoni keeping a watchful eye out for our divers in the water. Yoni has the winning smile and his secret weapon is he speaks english!

The blue water diving was just as relaxing as it looks here.  Calm seas each day made the conditions to nice for our local divers.  Some of them even fell asleep while diving.  I think a little more wind would have been better for the pelagics but our divers still kept busy on the reef.

Here Ken Oakes took a nice Pargon off the spot called Pargon Alley.  Its here were huge reef fish are taken daily.  If you want to dive this spot you got expect to bend a couple of shafts on your trip.

From Reef to blue water game, La paz has it all!  Here some of our divers displaying their catch.  We are so happy to be able to support the local community, catch some nice fish, but most of all we are happy to see new friendships made.  Thank you to all our divers for joining us and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!

And as a added bonus we even got to see an awesome baitball in action.  So much to say on this day but will save it for another exciting episode and article in Hawaii Skin Diver TV and magazine!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Winner

Congratulations to kevin sakuda and Jon Wolfe for winning this years Mexican shootout! We met our goal and raised almost $800 for the school.

Got pargon

Boys from Hawaii, James, Sam, and Jon got some nice fish today at the shootout. Awesome guys!

Mexican booties

Team HI-5 0, james Oshiro sacrificed his shirt off his back for team west coast, Ken Oakes. Kens wetsuit was too small and his ankles were all sunburnt. Now does anybody want to sing, YMCA? Ha ha!