Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's On!

Day 1 of the competition began 7:00 am sharp. Divers were on time, not Hawaiian time. Mexican Shootout is on!
Al got this huge milk fish probably 25 lbs, biggest fish in his life so far. It took him for a ride.
Now that's a big triggerfish Allyssa.
Shane Wo got a nice pair of pargos.
Todd and Randy got the biggest pelagic at 48.3 lbs. congrats guys.
Lots of fish today already surpassing our goal.
Fresh Pargo for dinner.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Mexican Fish Pics

We been having some action warming up for the competition as fellow divers enjoy the 84 degree water.  Al Ah Nee doing target practice on a Papio.

Mike Uyehara also a veteran diver nailed a nice Uhu and Mapa.

Hilo boy Billy Kea with a colorful grouper.

Kevin Sakuda also got a nice Cabrilla.

Billy Kea specializes in Blue Water Hunting, so this ono had no chance.   Awww!

I also had a nice rooster fish swim by so I had to let him have it with my 100cm Euro.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Warm up dive day 1

Mexican sunrise in La Paz, so beautiful!
First time competitor, Ahi fisherman and bike rider Al Ah Nee dressed to kill. 
Let's go diving!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Viva Mexico!

Last minute pack and off to the Red Sea Mexican shootout! Time to start setting up.
Stock up on some drinks!
Meet all the divers and staff at Palapas Ventana resort.
Ono dinner! 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Simply Amazing!

Another amazing day in Hawaii. Decided to roll the dice and try our luck one more time before we head for the Red Sea Mexican Shootout. Called up Al and James in hopes of getting another Ahi. I noticed a beautiful rainbow and knew we would have a awesome day!
Found the right pile of birds and Bam! Hanapaa! Hooked up!
I was so happy I gave this fish a big hug! I was more happy because it was James first Ahi.
All of us in the Red Sea Crew will be sleeping good tonight.
Especially after eating like Kings at the Nakamoto restaurant.
Good job Al and James, along with our behind the scenes crew, cat,papa and mama crow who is always supportive of our addictions. Today was simply amazing!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Day!

Today is the day! Finally got the monkey off my back.  Good action and video for another Hsdtv episode. 
This was also Al's first Ahi so he was stoked! Righteous Al!
We also hooked a nice 24 lb Otaru which is a winner.
Blocked the fish for my family and friends.
Had to sample the sashimi, and it was so good.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Dinner

Happy Father's Day! Beautiful rainbows, sunshine and clear skies.
So our plan was to go get some dinner for Father's Day. Brent Ching, James Oshiro and myself boarded the Red Sea boat and off we went. This is how our guys look for birds. Great way to spot the high flyers.
We got lucky landing a nice Otaru on the ice cube gaji lure. Stoked on this prize fish.
Got another Ono as well on the corner.
Fresh catch for our dinner with our family.
Now here is a Happy Papa Crow.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Ono Action

Met up with Mark and Mona from our sponsor Jamsworld who generously donated some cool prizes for the shootout.
Got another day of fishing with one slamskie. Boys got a good taste of ahi and they worked it for awhile before it shook the hook. Put the lines in and got a few onos.
Can't wait for Al and James to land their first ahi.
Until then Ono sash will have to do. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Good Eats!

Delivered all my fish today and made a lot of happy people. One of our long time sponsors Poncho from Ponchos Solar is super generous and shared the slabs with his staff.
Started packing up some Red Sea salt for our upcoming Mexican Shootout. Gotta make more salt.
Our friend Gail Chang dropped off some Otaru so tonight we got some eats!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fish On Ice

Got another awesome Gaji lure made thanks to Allan Sato. It's called the "ICE CUBE", so stayed up late to dress it up for a test.
Loaded up at 3:45 am again and was out in the lineup at sunrise. Little to early for my crew James Oshiro and Brent Ching.
Then as the day went on and boys got their power nap my center reel starts to scream! Fish on! Clear lines and its game on!  We relocate the pole to the outside and after 40 minutes we were at the leader.
We finally manage to get it on board and call it a day. Thanks Allan Sato of Gaji Lures for the awesome lure and to the Red Sea Crew for another successful day!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fever Symptoms and Success

When you got "da fever" you often find yourself waking up before 4 am from dreams of catching fish.  I thought I was getting better by sleeping late but still found myself waking up early for some reason.

Looking at my GPS charts and records you can see me driving around in circles, crossing over same areas over and over again, as if it was Deja Vu of being in the same place just a few days ago.  The patterns can be problematic for some who believe that the fish reside certain areas of the month.

I even seen one of the most well reknown Hawaii Fishing Charter boats "Magic" doing circles in the same area so I felt better knowing that I was in the right area this day.  Fishing can be frustrating if you don't have patience but as I get older and hopefully wiser I've learned to enjoy the moment despite the outcome of catching or not.  The thrill of hunting whether fishing, diving, or catching the perfect wave is what motivates me to try harder and appreciate the beauty of the ocean.  The journey of life is like riding a boat, we all launch from a certain harbor and during the course of life you will find yourself having various friends on board with you.  As long as you got your boat pointing in the right direction and moving forward with your lines out you will succeed.  You navigate through rough seas at times, adjust your course often and follow your heart trusting in God all the time.

On this day we pull up to a buoy with 7 boats already in the line up probably having worked it for awhile.  A few boats start to leave as we pass by them then BAM! Center reel starts screaming as line is dumping out fast!  The other boats must have been tripping out as we hooked up right next to them.  Gotta have them Gaji lures in the water as it was the same lure I got slammed on the day before. Clear the lines, Set the hook and work it!  With Cat on the wheel, Al and I bring it up in around 20 minutes and as the fish gets near the boat we put a gaff in, grab the bill and dispatch the fish.

Successful day! Fish on boat, no need to recycle ice today and it was still 7:30 am.  Made a few more runs and circles around the hot spots and heading back to the barn.

We had  to meet the OC16 film crew for a photo shoot today.  Interviewer Jenn, Camera Tom, and Merlinda in the spotlight.

Got to share a few things about the show on board the Red Sea boat and headed home to clean fish.  I'm usually behind the camera so it felt little odd to be in front of the camera this time.

Thats again to Al and Cat today along with Crow and Earline for their help and ono grinds.  Next on the list is the elusive Ahi.  Never give up, never give up, never ever give up!