Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Got Shells

One day most of the group decided to go pick shells on the Indonesian seashore "sounds familiar" along one of the secluded beaches (say that ten times).  The variety of shells were amazing and our collectors brought home 20 pounds of shells.  The few of us (Lena, Travis, Dean, & me) left decided to go for a surf in front of the shell pickers and..

after they saw Dean get slotted on his 9'-0" longboard the rest was history.  "Get the dingy! Bring my board" Kirby yelled!  "What the *#^@@)&^ are we doing picking shells in front of this?" Laurie shouted as she began snapping photos.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Breakfast in a barrel

Every day we would have 2 breakfasts.  The continental early morning serving with the follow up mid-morning meal after we surfed.  Here Al Ah Nee is first in line for his mi-goreng (noodle dish).  They had this bell they would ring every time a meal was served.

We scored some fun uncrowded surf and with days like this who needs to eat.  I preferred to have my breakfast in a barrel.  

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ultimate Boat Trip

Salamat Pagi! Or Good morning in Indonesian...After 14 days of adventure to some remote islands off West Timor our group of 14 travelers finally made it home scar free (except for a few minor injuries) and major jetlag.  We were scouting for new uncrowded surf spots, giant fish, and were truly blessed with perfect weather and good memories.  Teremakasih (Mahalo) to Captain Josch and his crew for their generous hospitality and willingness to accommodate us on board his beautiful boat, "Moana".  There are so much stories to tell so I'm sure you will be hearing much more to come on this incredible boat trip to Indo.