Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Grade A

The day after is always best to cut fish!  Mahalos to Al and Cat for their help in breaking it down.  Long day of cutting and cleaning up but well worth it.

Its a must to sample the fish and make sure the quality is grade A!  Broke da mouth!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Good Luc!

Been working on my live bait well and fine tuning things.  Hopefully it works better now but still gotta water test.  Winds were up and waves were down so perfect time to go fishing again.  Been wanting to fish with my friend Brent Ching who really enjoys fishing and appreciates the feeling of having some good luc .  So we set the date and at 11:00 pm his work assistant, Augustine gets off work and wanted to hop in so it was a go! It would be Augustines first time fishing on a boat and she seemed pretty excited but nervous as she never caught anything big before.  They both only had a few hours of sleep but was on time to load up and we headed off for our Red Sea Ocean Adventure.

Augustines McDonalds breakfast didn't sit well with the 30 knot winds and rough seas so it came out pretty quick.  I recommended she lie down and rest because we were following seas and coming back would be much worse.  As my crew looked for high flyers I headed to the grounds, took out my 1st string Gaji lures and had them play ball.  Within 10 minutes we were on!  Reel is screaming, everyone is up and it was show time!

Augustine never drove a boat before grabs the wheel and we get hands on training as we go to work.  20 minutes later we see color and as brent is leadering the fish I accidentally drop my bang stick and watch it sink into the deep blue.  Brent thought I was doing the harpoon technique like on Wicked Tuna, but I wasn't.  I grab the gaff and gaff it while Brent secures it with a second gaff.  We were elated and high fives flew all over the boat.  It was Brent's first ahi this year and Augustines biggest fish in her life.  We take pictures, ice the fish and reset the lures.  As soon as I set no. 4 lure, outrigger pops and reel is screaming again!  Whaat!  No way!  As Brent and I clear lines, I can almost see the gold of the center of the spool. I hold tight to the line hoping not to get spooled.  30 minutes but what seemed like an hour I pull while Brent cranks and Augustine drives.  We finally see color and somehow get a gaff and meat hook into the fish.  We have the hardest time getting it over the rail so I look for another meat hook while Brent holds on.  The fish gets a second wind and starts to amp on Brent, he almost loses his finger, drops the fish and meat hook and the fish swims down.  Oh No!  I jump on the reel and start cranking hard!  Wait!  It's still ON!  Yes, we bring back up, I get a gaff and after 10 minutes we somehow get it over the rail.

Biggest one of the season so far!  Brent and Augustine now blessed to join the 200 plus club.  Snap a few pics and call it day before noon.

Both were big boys and Brent told Augustine to take a cold water plunge with her first Ahi's.  I give her credit because she was a trooper!

James Oshiro always in on it, and helps any way he can.  Thanks James, u da man!

Made it home before sundown is always nice.  Mahalos to my boat and land crew for another great day!  It was a very special day to see Brent get his not just his 2018 monkey but 200 plus pound gorilla off his back and watch Augustine step up her game despite the rough conditions.  Who would believe Augustines last name was LUC?  

Friday, June 22, 2018

Happy Aloha Friday

Small surf, windy weather, great time to edit!  So in the edit bay working on another HSD TV show!  We are so fortunate to have a great host, Merlinda Garma who does an awesome job!

Had a small piece of Otaru left so put together tonights pupus.  I enjoy eating poke simple style.

Simple yet elegant dinner!  Happy Aloha Friday!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

National Fishing Day!

Yesterday was National Fishing Day!  Had to make a run!

Wishing my Dad a Happy Fathers day! We got his favorite fish!  He should be eating good this week.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sun, Surf, September

What a nice weakend to go to the beach!  Everyone is out even the sailers, surfers and sunbathers.  Some fun head high surf yesterday with good direction.

Looking forward to some September sessions with no crowds!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Stars and Stripes

How's this new method for launching a boat?  Our friends Ryan and Jaime had their trailer break on the road and the tow truck dropped them off at the pier.  Glad you guys are safe!

So we headed out and looked for birds…Al got the high flyers covered while Cat got the low flyers.  Took a Ahi screamer but somehow it shook my hook off after clearing lines.  Try again...

Found a few stars and stripes for today!  

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Gold & Silver

Great day on the water with my friends!  No other way to describe the feeling of catching your own dinner with your buddies on the boat.  Teamwork is dreamwork!  Here Owen Sr. with a nice bull mahi.  We had a bigger one in the boat and fly right off the boat, ha ha!  Got a couple marlin strikes but lost them and my favorite lure, oh well...

Brent Ching got to experience the Ultimate Sandwich!  Not sold in stores!  Lotsa love and Aloha in Al's sandwiches.  Thanks Al.

Owen got his share and then...

Lights Out!  Siesta time on the Red Sea Boat!

Got the gold and silver so it was a great day!  Thanks everyone for another Red Sea Ocean Adventure!

Friday, June 8, 2018


Small surf, windy rough water, perfect for fishing!  So Cat and I headed out to see what's for dinner?  Loaded up my Gaji lures starters and found a nice bird pile but no bites.  Thought it was worth having a second look and bam!  Double!

One shakes the hook but one is still on and taking out all my line!  I clear the lines, Cat drives the boat and I start cranking in 1/2 mile of line.  As it gets near the boat I start the leadering as Cat tries to secure it!  It runs and rips my hands apart as I let it go.  Finally we get it back in and I hold the leader and bring the fish up and we secure it!  Now our problem was how to get it in the boat?  After many heave ho  attempts we get over the rail and into the pail.  What a battle!   

The battle is over and we got a big one and some loose change.

Land crew 2 old crows are always instrumental in putting us out for the bite!  Thanks everyone for making dreams come true!  Now I need some salonpas and a massage, lol.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hawaii Skin Diver New Episode

Tune in tonight for Hawaii Skin Diver TV. Channel 12 or 1012 at 8:30 pm for a Christmas Island adventure.

Boys were slaying the fish and sharing with the locals.  Everyone was happy!  Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy the show!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Summer Swells

Summer swells are here and giant Fiji swell a week ago is making its impact on our south shores.  Got some overhead waves, good barrels yesterday and looking for more today!  See you in the lineup!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Summer Fishing Life

Summer time fishing is starting so called up my team and game was on!

Found the birds and fish started biting!

Found a nice gold bar floating around so Al picked it up!  One of our biggest mahis caught yet.

A few more silver bullets and we called it a day with enough fish for the week.  Have a great weekend!