Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fishing tails

Another perfect day in Hawaii.  Water was looking good for a day of fishing so called up the boys, Kekoa, Al, and James and we were off to catch our dinner for this week.
Al didn't get any sleep the night before because he had to work and he even made his famous Al's sandwiches for everyone.  You can't buy these in stores yet.  Thanks again Al for the awesome lunch!
Kekoa with an action shot having his first breakfast!  
We came in a washed up and saw this big marlin tail sticking out of a boat.  When to talk story and this guy took 3+ hours to reel it in by himself.  We saw this guy out on his small 18 foot seaswirl boat amongst other big charter boats and stoked to see him so happy!
It was huge probably around 350 lbs.  It didn't even fit in his boat.
Our catch was this Aku, Mahi and Shibi which was perfect for us!  Still tracking down the elusive Ahi for the boys to catch.  Thanks guys for another fun day of fishing!

Friday, July 25, 2014

In The Edit Bay

Been busy editing the next hsdtv episode and our friend Eri Nishikami is helping us translate from Japanese to English.  Thanks so much Eri!
One of the most inspirational trips ever was to meet these legendary Oma fisherman.  Seems like it was only yesterday we were there but it was a dream trip for many of us. 
For lunch went over to eat at dean's drive inn but they were closed so the boys opted for some Hawaiian Frost ice cream at Dean's new place across the street.  Another week of of small kine surf with lots to do so have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fish Talk

Today the winds were forecasted to be light in the morning so boarded the Red Sea boat and went to get dinner.
James had 1.5 hours of sleep last night so today he was "da man down" = tired person.
We looked for the "yellow guys" = yellowfin tuna, but got no love so we came inside to get a few "knockdowns" = when fish bites.  A couple of "rubber hooks" = when fish shakes hook off but we got lucky.
Thanks James, Al, Kekoa, and Red Sea valet service for another job well done. Gonna sleep good tonite!

Monday, July 21, 2014


Imagine that day when we used to ride bike and play in the yard for fun.  When Saturday mornings where the only time we were allowed to watch TV.  When a day at the beach was worth more than gold, but now we have become slaves to the net.  Good reminder for all of us to remember it's time to LOOK UP and live life the real WAY!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ukulele Jam Session

Nice sunny and breezy weekend at the Roy Sakuma Ukulele Festival.  Luckily the rains held back for today.
The kid in the middle with the red shirt and glasses is my nephew Maika jamming his crusader song. Good job everyone!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's On!

South swell continues to drop but lots of action going down in Jeffrey's Bay, south Africa. Here Joel Parkinson's getting slotted. Wish I was there to grab a few day!
Freddy P.made this kids day by giving him his board. Spreading da aloha!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

South swell day 3

More waves more barrels! Swell dropping  but a few nuggets to ride.  Seems like everyone surfed out with a handful of people out today.
Saw this van with six boards tied down with rope. Kind of scary to be driving behind this guy.  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Barrels and more barrels! South shore swell peaked last night and still had a few sets coming in today.   Watched the buoys and saw a bump so headed out to grab a few.  Hope everyone got their share of waves these past few days.  Sleeping good tonite! Signing off...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Al's sandwiches

Waking up 3:30 am to fish is crazy to some people, but if you have ahi fever you understand. Some say it's an addiction others call it a way of life.
If you fish with Red Sea you will enjoy the best lunches if Al Ah Née is on board. This is his latest creation. Super heathly, lots of love put into every lunch. Thanks Al for always providing the awesome grinds!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Don't forget to VOTE

Who are you voting for the next Governor of Hawaii? David Ige or Neil Abercrombie?  I watched this one hour debate last night and noticed a clear difference between political jargon vs true leadership.  See if you noticed what it means to answer a question vs beating around the bush.  I think its time for a change.  My vote: David Ige

Hawaii News Now hosts governor's debate

Another perfect day

In paradise. South swell fading next few days so time to go fishing?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hardcore fisherman

Red Sea crew fisherman Al Ah Nee and Kekoa Mau never give up! Even if we no catch fish we have fun. Good things happen for those who put in their time on the water.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Back in Hawaiian waters

We made back from mexico ok had a neighborhood party and went straight back onto the ocean with Kirby and Brent.
I was looking forward to fishing and doing a little filming for an upcoming episode. Brent is a dentist and expert shell collector, and a fish magnet so I was even more excited.
I took a power nap and awoke to a bent pole which Kirby reeled in this nice Ono.
Came in by 3 pm, cut fish, wash boat and everyone was happy! Thanks Kirby and Brent for a fun day in Hawaiian waters. I'm getting another relapse of ahi fever?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mexican Reef and Blue Water Photos

One of toughest fish to land, this Pargo was taken by Evan Leeson from Team "Habanero".  These fish are very skiddish and often found hiding in deep caves.  If you are willing to bend your shaft you shoot them in the hole and horse them out on a single dive.  If you give them any slack of your line you can kiss your gear goodbye.  

Luis from the Mexican Team "Chupacabras" showed us how to shoot Ono's using his sea sniper gun.  Able to dive down to 40 meters and hold his breath for 3 minutes on the bottom, not many fish he targeted had a chance to survive.  Gracias Amigos for all your help in surpassing our goal for sending Elizabeth to high school for a year.  

Saturday, July 5, 2014

2014 Red Sea Baja Shootout Video

Team 100% luck put together this great video of our trip to Mexico.  Mike and Eric Uyehara got some cool shots!  Thanks guys for joining us this year and sharing your video.

Free Dive Day

On our last day in Mexico, the action slowed down so we decided to change the scenery and got to dive at a sea lion colony.
Pic with captain yoni, one of the best in the business.
Then we came in to do some fish printing which made everyone so happy!
The final products!
Also got to meet the legendary Bernie Finnerly who was staying at the resort and joined us on a dive. He is 76 years young.  
Thanks again to all our divers, sponsors, and staff at Palapas Ventana for another successful event!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 2 Red Sea Shootout

Day 2 of the Red Sea shootout all Pau, been a busy 2 days as we started our day at 530 am and down at 10:00 pm.
Our target fish was the largest needle fish and this has to be the biggest one I've ever seen, about 15 lbs.
Linda Fischer a software engineer did well with her partner Randy and got this nice mapa.
I got a pargo mullato on a drop.
Luis with his nice wahoo.
Congrats to jimmy and Evan for winning this years competition. 
We surpasses our goal by providing 2 years of high school for Antonia which made her so happy.
Thanks again to all our sponsors!
Prizes were awesome!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 1 tournament

Day 1 of the tournament started off at 7:00 am sharp.
Beach team (ish, tim, and Kim)
Dave got some nice parrots. 
His partner Jim got a giant trigger fish!
Team 100% luck are on the board.
Group photo. All in a days work. Nice catch divers.
Time to clean fish!