Monday, January 28, 2013

Big Pipe

2nd reef pipeline now!

Eastside perfection

Glassy days...My favorite views is to see sheet glass conditions on the eastside.  Chinamans hat on the far right as the beautiful Koolau mountain range is seen beyond.  Surf is big today on the north shore so everyone be careful out there.  Lots of work to do this week so gotta get going.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Dano" Disses Hawaii

Why is Scott Caan Aka "Dano" dissing Hawaii? Couldn't believe what I saw as he told late night talk show host Chelsea Lately that Hawaii sucks.  In Hawaii we take care of our own and we respect each others lifestyle and culture.   I love the relaxed lifestyle of Hawaii and we have the best powerful waves on the planet with the greatest food. Every time I travel, the one thing I miss most is Hawaii's food.  I'm sure these comments will affect their ratings and views people have of this actor.  Well I'm sure Hawaii's Five O's producers are little disappointed with Dano's comments.  Are you?

Click Here to watch video

Still good

Waves still perfect in the country! Go get barreled!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Perfect North Shore Day

What a beautiful Aloha Friday!  Went to bed early last night so was able to wake up early for a surf session.  I knew the winds would be backing off and north shore was the spot to be.  Passed by one of my favorite spots, VLAND.  Saw the line of cars and wanted to ride my bigger board today so kept driving.
Pulled up at Pipeline and waves were looking fun.  As I stood watching for 5 minutes, about 30-guys were in the line up with another 10 paddling out.  Since I hate crowds, I decided to check out sunset.

Sunset was going off too! About 4-6 ft hawaiian scale and with only a dozen guys out, I waxed up and went out to grab a few.  Not even 2 minutes after I reach the line up here comes a set!  I look left, look right, nobody around so I got to go!  Super fun waves, good vibe in the water, even got to see a friend Genki Horiguchi from Wakayama in the line up.  He helped with the Ama-san show we did a few years ago. Who would imagine seeing someone halfway around the world on a perfect northshore day.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday dinner

Japanese food, oishii!

Found fish

Action was slow as two onos came by but got away.  But we found fish! Yes, Yamari in hawaii.  Kimura-san and Asuko-san came by along with Tony and Tammy Moniz to check us out at the harbor.  Yamari has the best shirasu in Wakayama and its super ono.  Great weather and fun surf this week so looking forward to a great holiday for them.

Dive day

Today's plan! Look for fish

Saturday, January 19, 2013

MR at Tracks?

Another beautiful day in Hawaii.  Woke up early and saw the clear blue skies so decided to take advantage of the big northwest swell with 20 ft waves hitting our islands.  

The spot was TRACKS.  Located in Nanakuli area on the west side.  All the boys were out today since the northshore was too big to surf with junk north winds.  Overhead waves made everyone happy.  I got my share and headed in to do some work.

While washing up I looked and saw what I though was Mark Richards SUPing?  Couldn't be.  Mark Richards was the top rated surfer back in the 80's.  I looked again and this local guy had the coolest SUP board with the legendary MR logo.
Came home, mixed 15 bags of cement for new workshop slab and ended the day with a slab of sashimi from my cousin Dino.  Thanks Dino for the grinds!  Going to sleep good tonight.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DH the spot

Another cold morning in Hawaii! Seems like it got below 60 degrees last night.  The reason for the cold weather is these northerly winds blowing over the state.  So with north shore onshore, there was one spot that was super clean, Diamond Head.  Lot of guys surfing out Cliffs so headed to a secret point nearby with only a handful of guys out.  I enjoy surfing different types of waves and always try and avoid the crowds if I can.  Another beautiful day about to begin, so lucky we live Hawaii!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Dad's Wish

Last night during dinner we were talking about what we wanted to eat so my dad said he wished for a 3 lb aku.  So we boarded the Red Sea boat and headed out for a troll.  Waves were big on the eastside and we heard yesterday the channel was even closing out due to the large swell.  On board today was 12-year old Brandon Yamane.  His dad Keith dives with me often and he was about to witness the next generation in action.  After about 1 hour of riding the ocean settled down and we got strikes periodically.  Brandon ended up reeling in 3 akus, keith 1 aku and we were happy campers.

Came home and my dad was also stoked because his wish came true.  He got his aku and immediately he took out his knife to start filleting the fish.

From the fillet knife to the plate, we had fresh sashimi and sleeping good tonight.  Thanks Brandon, Keith, Cat, and the Red Sea Crew for all their help!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

North Shore Calls

Today the swell filled in after lunch so I waxed up my 5'6" and went for a surf.  Waves were shifty, peaky and windy but still fun!  Tomorrow will be smaller and winds will slowly subside later in the week finally.

Blue hawaii

Finally blue skies! After what seemed like 2 weeks of rain and wind we finally got beautiful Hawaiian weather.  Got a chance to jump in for a quick surf on the south shore.  Tomorrow north should bump up so go surf if you can! Trades are back and moderate but will be backing off soon:) You know what that means? Lucky we live Hawaii.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Pete's First Dive

Remember your first time diving? How excited, nervous, scared were you? You didn't know what to expect and when the time came you just had to go!
Well I had the honor of sharing that experience with 11-year old Pete Graham and getting it all documented for him with my camera.   I jumped on a plane, flew to Kauai and we drove to the perfect beach.  From the the time we suited up you could see the excitement in his eyes and his proud father, Bruce watched on.

We saw so many cool things and Pete's attention to detail is amazing.  Like Nemo I just "kept swimming" but Pete stopped every 30 seconds to show me something he thought was interesting, like this sea cucumber.  We saw fish, crabs, slugs, and next time we will get a octopus for sure.  Thank you to Bernice for setting things up and providing me the opportunity to share that love of the ocean to them.  Pete is now hooked on diving and we may just see him in a future article of Hawaii Skin Diver some day.  

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mentawai 2012 party

We got the mentawai trip guys and gals together and drank watermelon juice. This was no ordinary watermelon too. Great to see everyone again! Salamat malam and teremakasih Koa for the invite.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Everyone have a safe and happy new year!  This is how we do it at 12 midnight.