Saturday, September 5, 2015

NRH Banyak Photos

We were very fortunate to have Nicholas Hoermann from NRH photos with us on this trip and he got some great shots of the group.  Capturing the moments of a magical surf session, colorful sunset or secluded island is definitely an art.  I remember this session out at one of our favorite rights like it was yesterday.  Overhead surf, just our group out with some long walls.

A good photographer doesn't get it the way of the surfer and I didn't even see Nick taking this shot.  You can see how shallow this spot is with the inside ledge reef just a few feet below.  There are two take off areas with the inside section racing over a shallow reef providing a good barrel.  Its great to see no building in the background but only the natural landscape of trees.

The waves are fast here so I was lucky to get a turn in on this wave.  Mahalo Nick for the sick photos and we look forward to more adventures together with you in the future.

Check out or instagram @nicholashhoermann for more information.

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