Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Banyaks Surf Pics

Each day our boat man Asan would drop off our group of surfers right in the line up.  No such thing as paddling out or paddling in.  Valet drop off and pick up anytime. If you are tired and want to come in just wave your board and you get picked up.

Sat Freedman also got some nice waves and here he was lining up on a nice one.  Sat was the only body boarder and was able to get deep.

James Oshiro hasn't surfed for one year so this was his anniversary wave and our group cheered him on.

Jimmy Nakano also got to test his backside attack.  Setting up to go 12 o'clock.

Mihoko Nakano setting up for the slash!

So many empty waves!  What nobody going?

Lots of hollow sections to pull inside!  Gotta love those barrels!

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